Featured Speakers:

Cynthia Alsup – Vice President of Software Sales, Access

Brian Tuemmler – Head of U.S. Operations, Infotechtion

Thousands of laws and regulations mandate how organizations must manage information and records. There are many systems that store and manage information including Microsoft 365.

One of the easiest and best ways to ensure your company is in compliance is to keep your retention and privacy policies up to date with changes in laws and regulations and to automate information retention and destruction. Access’ Virgo solution provides continuous updates on these laws and regulations with an easy place to manage your retention and privacy policies. Microsoft 365 has an advanced set of capabilities across SharePoint, Teams, Exchange, and other applications to automate information management, retention, and destruction.

Join Brian Tuemmler, Head of US Operations at InfoTechtion, and Cynthia Alsup, VP, Software Sales at Access, as they discuss new capabilities in Microsoft 365, an exciting new connector from Virgo to Microsoft 365 that will be built on the Microsoft 365 API’s and best practices on how to manage your information with Microsoft 365, Virgo, and more.


About Infotechtion

Infotechtion is a leading provider of Microsoft 365 compliance and information governance services and solutions. Infotechtion accelerates a client’s ability to deploy and manage information governance and compliance in Microsoft 365 by designing best-in-class information architecture and solutions that automate information policy management. Offices and staff are located in the US, UK, EU, and India


About Access

Access is the largest privately-held records and information management services provider worldwide. Access provides transformative services, expertise, and technologies to make organizations more efficient and more compliant. Access helps companies manage and activate their critical business information through offsite storage, information governance services, and software solutions.