Microsoft Purview offers new capabilities for managing records retention and destruction policies across the entire Microsoft 365 (M365) solution stack, which requires consideration of numerous laws and regulations. Access and Infotechtion have developed a bridge between Virgo, Access’ cloud-based legal research and retention schedule management solution, and Microsoft Purview. 

The Virgo and Infotechtion Universal Connector speeds implementation of defensible information governance, integrated compliance and future-proofed records and information management. This enables RIM professionals to better align with legal and regulatory changes and reflect them accurately where the content lives in M365 products.

During this webinar, Rosa Jamal, Information Governance Consultant at Infotechtion, and Cynthia Alsup, VP, Software Sales at Access, demonstrate and discuss the advanced capabilities in Microsoft 365—across SharePoint, Teams, Exchange, and other applications to automate information management, retention, and destruction. Additionally, Rosa gives a demo of the new connector and the variety of capabilities.

Watch the webinar recording now to learn how to:

  • Have Increased precision and accuracy of retention schedules
  • Manage the entire retention lifecycle of electronic records right where content lives in M365
  • Maintain a single source of truth for privacy and retention
  • Improve the consistency of policy enforcement across Microsoft 365

Meet the Speakers:

 Cynthia Alsup
VP of Software Sales, Access
 Rosa Jamal
Information Governance Consultant, Infotechtion