Businesses of all sizes are wrestling with how best to organize, store, and manage their data to support digital transformation. From increasing operational efficiencies to improving customer service, good content management plays a critical role in honing key business processes and strategies.

However, many companies today have outdated ECM programs that fall far short of meeting current needs so future proofing is critical. Cloud-native content services, AI, and process automation are revolutionizing content management.

In this webinar, Conquering ECM Challenges in the Modern Enterprise, Matt Hillery, CTO of Access, and Sean Baird, Director of Product Marketing at Hyland, discuss:

  • Why systems that protected valuable information aren't well positioned to address tomorrow's challenges
  • How forward-thinking organizations modernize their content-centric solutions to drive business innovation
  • How modern technologies support legacy processes while bridging the digital-first divide
  • How to manage legacy system content while supporting a compliant information management program