According to a recent Access study, 80% of organizations still manage more than half of their records in physical format. Additionally, employees spend as much as 10 hours a week searching for hardcopy documents. This presents a variety of challenges, such as:

  • The cost of storage, labor, administration, and retrieval of physical documents
  • Enabling remote and hybrid working teams with the information they need
  • It’s easier to lose control of what records are stored where
  • Compliance concerns surrounding convenience copies of files on employee’s computers

The solution? A digital-first, end-to-end information chain.

In this webinar, The Digital-First Organization: Five Steps to Get There, we discuss how your organization can transition from paper-intensive to digital first. You’ll learn how to navigate the path towards becoming a digital-first organization, from getting started to scaling your efforts across the entire organization.

Meet the Speakers:

Ian MacPherson
Business Development Executive, Access

 Ashley Sobry
Business Development Executive, Access