Become the David to the records management Goliath by learning how to conquer the beast that is retention in Microsoft 365.

During this webinar, Mike Alsup, SVP of Sales and Operations, North America at Infotechtion, and Brendan Reid, Business Development Executive at Access, explain how to develop a proof-of-concept M365 environment to apply retention policies to records. This engaging session covers:

  • M365 and Purview retention management requirements
  • Implementing Virgo for retention schedule management
  • Publishing retention policies and labels to M365
  • Building out taxonomies in the Microsoft Term Store
  • Tagging for legal hold
  • Running disposition workflows
  • Dashboards and reporting
  • The value that a proof-of-concept can deliver
Watch the webinar recording to enhance your knowledge and gain practical insights into developing an effective M365 environment for applying retention policies to records. 

Meet the Speakers:

 Mike Alsup
Senior Vice President of Sales and Operations, North America at Infotechtion

 Brendan Reid
Business Development Executive at Access