With all the buzz around AI, there’s so much to discuss... the benefits, potential use cases, and constant updates. AI has so much potential, and it can be difficult to imagine how it can and will be used in the records and information management space.

During this webinar, we go beyond theories and “what if’s” to provide you with an example of AI in action.

Access’ Paul Dimmig, SVP Software Engineering, and Augustine Onoja, VP Architecture, discuss the details of a project where AI was utilized, including:

  • How AI helped streamline processes, automate tasks, and reduce costs
  • The advanced search and retrieval capabilities of AI that helped improve productivity
  • Why embracing AI is critical to long-term success

Watch it now to learn from this real-world example of AI transforming RIM!

Meet the Speakers:

Paul Dimmig
SVP Software Engineering​, Access
Augustine Onoja
VP Architecture​, Access