Tom Trela.png
           Thomas Trela
Senior Director of Product Management at Access
John Chmaj.png
           John Chmaj
Sr. Director, KM Strategy at Verint
Anthony Vigliotti.png
           Anthony Vigliotti
Chief Product Officer at Adlib Software

Managing, securing, and governing content is one of the toughest challenges facing organizations today. At the average enterprise, information continues to grow unabated — in size and variety — across different geographies, departments, applications, and clouds. Ultimately, all this information needs to be available to employees to act upon to deliver business value. However, the increasing complexity of the digital landscape makes maintaining effective security and governance practices difficult.

During this webinar, we discuss new technologies and best practices to succeed in managing this vast amount of information. Watch it now to learn:

  • How to master content governance in a data-driven world
  • How to explore strategies and best practices to navigate the digital content landscape
  • Why content development and maturation should be a shared process with users
  • When content governance requires a tiered approach
  • What challenges of digital transformation give rise to "digital mayhem"
  • How to ensure a smooth transition from traditional methods to contemporary digital practices

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