Records management and information governance (IG) programs go together like yin and yang. They're different— but complement each other perfectly.

During this webinar, Access' Sue Gibbons, Sr. Solutions Engineer, and T'Don Marquis, Software Business Development Executive, review why having both an IG and records management program that work together are essential for organizations.

Watch it now to learn:
  • How to gain leadership buy-in for records management and IG
  • Strategies to ensure program effectiveness
  • The essential elements to consider when developing these programs
  • How both programs synergize to benefit the entire organization

This webinar is sure to provide you with valuable insight into developing and implementing effective records management and IG programs. Watch the recording today!

Meet the Speakers:

 Sue Gibbons
Sr. Solutions Engineer, Access

 T'Don Marquis
Software Business Development Executive, Access