Information is one of the most valuable assets of any deal and it must be secure, reliable, and accessible to the right stakeholders. However, inheriting proprietary technology and new software applications during a merger or acquisition makes this a challenge.

During this webinar, Access’ Carole Baker, VP of IT M&A, Todd Cawthron, SVP Software Operations, and Ted Kenney, CIO, share lessons and best practices on managing and integrating legacy IT software inherited through a merger or acquisition.

IT professionals do a lot of heavy lifting to integrate disparate systems, infrastructure, and content during a transaction. Our experts have a ton of great advice to share from the invaluable lessons they’ve learned in managing over 190 mergers and acquisitions. Watch the recording now to learn more!

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Carole Baker

VP of IT, Mergers & Acquisitions


Ted Kenney



Todd Cawthron

SVP, Software Operations