Omero Banuelos 2.png
Omero Bañuelos
Senior Counsel, Access

Brent Martindale.png
Brent Martindale
Senior Director of Info Gov, Access

Adam Koonce.png
Adam Koonce
Manager of Legal Research, Access

In the ever-evolving landscape of regulatory compliance, effective records management plays a crucial role in ensuring organizational adherence to new standards.

During this webinar, Access’ Omero Bañuelos, Senior Counsel, Brent Martindale, Senior Director of Info Gov, and Adam Koonce, Manager of Legal Research, revealed proactive strategies for keeping your records management system current with regulatory changes. Watch the recording to learn about:

  • Adapting Records Management to Regulatory Changes: Strategies to update your records management policies and practices in response to new regulations, ensuring compliance and efficiency.
  • Monitoring Tools for Regulatory Updates: Techniques and technology to track changes impacting records management.
  • Developing a Robust Regulatory Framework: Understanding the need for standardized regulatory taxonomy and how it can be applied to records management for consistent compliance across jurisdictions.
  • Expertise and Networking: Leveraging legal counsel and industry connections to stay informed about changes affecting records management practices.
  • Internal Audits and Software: Utilizing internal audits and compliance software to identify gaps in your records management system and align it with new regulations.
  • Client Communication: Techniques for effectively communicating with clients about changes in records management protocols due to regulatory updates.
Watch the webinar recording now and learn about integrating regulatory updates into your records management system, ensuring your organization remains compliant and efficient in the face of change.