In today's competitive business landscape, quick access to accurate information is essential. Traditional knowledge management with data silos, inefficient processes, and outdated tools is no longer viable. To stay competitive, organizations must adopt new technologies and strategies for speed, scale, and flexibility.

During this webinar, Access' Matthew Bennett, Senior Executive of Business Development & Strategic Info Solutions, joined a panel of experts and KMWorld for a roundtable webinar on the top trends in KM for 2024. Watch it to learn:

  • How KM evolves in an automated content summarization/generation world
  • Why Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) is becoming the dominant solution for deploying GenAI
  • How to navigate complex business environments and balance security, compliance, and accessibility
  • Why driving value and insights depend on effective data management

From the ongoing adoption of knowledge graphs and intelligent search to the rise of LLMs and generative AI, you'll hear about the key enablers, success factors, challenges, and opportunities. Watch the on-demand recording now!