Digital is the way of the future, and organizations must adapt to survive and thrive moving forward.

During this webinar, we guide you through the essential steps to be successful in the age of digital information. The Three Gates to Digital are your roadmap to harnessing the power of technology, improving efficiency, and achieving your strategic goals.

Watch the webinar recording now to:
  • Learn how to establish and update policies and procedures to successfully manage your digital assets.
  • Understand the ins and outs of content management within your organization and its impact on digitization.
  • Discover the "Day Forward" approach for managing the lifecycle of digital records effectively.
  • Gain insights from real-world examples and best practices from industry experts
Whether you're just starting your digital transformation journey or looking to optimize your current processes, this webinar will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed. Complete the short form to watch it now!

Meet the Speakers:

Ian MacPherson
Experienced Information Management and Digitization Consultant, Access

Kelly Palermo
Vice President of Sales and Client Success, Canada, Access