Featured Speakers:

Jay Gaubatz MBA, MSF, CSP, CET, CMIOSH – Vice President, Environmental Health & Safety, Access

Ronald Perkins – Regional Vice President of Operations, Access

AccuWeather’s team of tropical weather forecasters are predicting another above-normal season in terms of tropical activity in the Atlantic, as well as a higher-than-normal chance that a major hurricane could make landfall in multiple regions across North America.

During the calm before the storms, we’ve established a business continuity plan (BCP) to ensure the safety and security of our facilities, your critical assets, and our people.

Please join us on July 12 at 2:30 PM EST for our live webinar, Hurricane Season Preparedness: Do you have a Business Continuity Plan?, where we’ll review:

  • What is included in a successful BCP plan and why it’s important
  • The BCPs we follow before, during and after a major weather event, like a hurricane
  • Where to find important news, alerts, and Access’ BCP updates
  • Guidance on key actions your organization can take to prepare for major weather events
Is your organization ready to weather the storm? Learn about the steps we’ve taken to ensure your critical information is preserved and protected throughout this year’s hurricane season.

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