Can you trust machines to do a job better than a human? We have self-driving cars that rely on artificial intelligence (AI) to change lanes, but when it comes to trusting the technology to help with enterprise content systems, we seem much slower to trust and adopt.

Records and Information management has been one of the most disrupted industries from the pandemic. Organizations that were starting digital transformation initiatives pre-covid were forced to accelerate their changes to accommodate the remote workforce, and companies that heavily rely on paper find themselves at an inflection point.

Join Access’ Chief Technology Officer, Matt Hillery, and guest David Gould, Chief Customer Officer at EncompaaS, as they talk about what the future of information management looks like. 

In this webinar, they discuss:

  • AI, Machine Learning, and other technologies, can we trust them?
  • How much will AI drive the RIM industry?
  • Finding better ways to manage information for compliance, productivity, discovery, and accuracy.

Meet the Speakers:

Matt leads digital strategy and the information management and governance solutions teams for Access. He is a dynamic technology strategist with over 30 years of experience in enterprise software, professional services, and information management. Matt has served in key technical, management, and executive roles within large corporations and several technology start-ups. Prior to joining Access, Matt was the founding CTO for an industry-leading, cloud-based information governance platform. Under his leadership, the platform was acquired by a global public company where he helped scale the technology across the customer base.

 Matt Hillery
Chief Technology Officer | Access

David serves as Chief Customer Officer for EncompaaS, where he is responsible for the company’s global go-to-market plans, programs and strategies. In addition, David is a frequent speaker and blogger on “everything” information governance and data management. David is a subject matter expert on how large enterprises discover, classify, retain and dispose sensitive and high-value information, especially for enhancing content intelligence, meeting compliance and regulatory mandates, and improving employee productivity.

— David Gould
Chief Customer Officer | EncompaaS