There’s rarely a simple answer to the question ‘How long should you keep a record.’

In fact, your decisions around retention can be challenged by privacy regulators who hold you accountable to keep your records retention schedule up to date.

With these continuous changes to legal and regulatory record-keeping requirements around the world, each company must now have an in-house or outsourced dedicated records and legal research team and/or a policy management tool to remain compliant each year.

During the first episode of this webinar series, Access’ Andrea Lipari, Consulting Services Manager, Brenda Barnhill, Director of Consulting Services, and T’Don Marquis, Business Development Executive, discuss this critical issue and explore how to tackle this complex problem, maintain compliance and mitigate overall risk.

Watch it now to learn:
  • How to leverage a Records Retention Schedule (RRS) in aiding in regulatory compliance
  • Amount of support required during Records Retention Schedule development and implementation
  • Post-implementation services to help you stay compliant
  • Financial comparison of supporting your RRS with internal resources vs. external tools