In 2021, CAPLA and Access partnered together to release “Adventures in Digitization – Electronic Land Files (ELF) Playbook”. This resource provides a roadmap to guide organizations through their respective digitization journey and navigate the various stages required to join the digital world, where accessing information is seamless, regardless of location. The resounding response from the CAPLA membership, as well as the Energy industry in North America, validated how needed this resource was at this moment in time.

We also heard that our readers wanted more details, especially as they relate to metadata, folder structure and naming conventions. In other words, with the millions of documents and files that are typically part of any energy company, there is a need to bring order to the chaos.

Drawing on a wealth of experience from CAPLA Committee members, as well as the depth of resources and knowledge from Access, we have jointly created this follow-up to the original digitization roadmap, our original ELF playbook – known as “Chapter 2” of the playbook. Chapter 2 dives deeper into the best practices of how to set up a method of organization that will help Energy companies easily access and use their data.

As you continue to evolve and bring more structure to your information management programs, download this valuable Chapter 2 reference and leverage it to guide you through those important next steps.