Experts Reveal the Key to Making the Leap from Administrator to Changemaker

People drive innovation and innovation is key to organizational success. Fortunately, HR is the people hub of every organization allowing HR leaders to be transformational.

This is great news because the HR landscape has shifted and it’s no longer sufficient for HR to play the role of compliance cop and administrator.

HR needs to be tech savvy and ready to lead. 

So why are some HR leaders incredibly successful and others are still struggling to make the leap from administrator?

We decided to go to the HR leaders that are finding success to find out how they are earning it. 

This ebook includes insights into:

  • Talent Innovation - Stela Lupushor, Reframe.Work, Inc
  • Leveraging Data in HR - Tom Haak, HR Trend Institute
  • Building the HR Tech Stack - Robin Schooling, Peridus Group
  • Transforming Paper into Insights - Tracie Sponenberg, Granite Group
  • Automating Administrative Tasks - Doug Hoffer, Access