A common issue that many organizations are facing now is the impracticality of paper-based workflows in remote work situations.

These businesses may have just started to digitize but were forced to expedite their efforts because of COVID-19. Others may have been well down the transformational path, but are now wondering what alternatives to consider next to get over the digitization finish line.

By reading this report, we believe you will learn: 

  • Steps to take to incorporate paper-based processes into a remote or work-from-anywhere situation 
  • The most important step for acquiring, deploying and fixing hardware and office equipment 
  • The importance of collaboration tools in lieu of in-person meetings and real-time interactions 
  • Why education around work-at-home best practices is paramount 
  • Methods of alleviating the burden on IT with “technology champion” programs 
Whether your organization is working remotely, taking a hybrid approach, or has been deemed an essential business working on the front lines, we believe this Gartner Report will provide you with the insightful guidance you need to efficiently maintain business continuity throughout the pandemic and well into the future.