After a blockbuster year where global merger and acquisition (M&A) activity shattered all-time records, (to the tune of $5 trillion for the first time ever!), it’s clear that M&As provide a strategic path for companies to grow, expand their geographical footprint, add new talent and capabilities, and increase their competitive advantage.

As part of the M&A process, it’s critical to ensure that your corporate information is ready to withstand the rigors of information sharing requirements throughout a deal. This playbook covers the necessary steps and best practices for information management leading up to, during and following a merger or acquisition.

Download this Playbook to learn:

  • Considerations for setting up your information management program for success before a deal happens
  • The stages of a deal and the impact on your information - including best practices and key challenges
  • How to position for a future acquisition or maximize value from divestiture
  • How to prepare to meet strict, timely data requirements and ultimately achieve the most value from an M&A deal

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