As the amount of information law firms handle grows, so do the risks of improper records management. Base-level records management will no longer suffice. You must keep information easily accessible for ongoing matters, including discovery, legal holds, and transfers, while also maintaining security, controlling storage costs, and defensibly disposing of documents at the end of their lifecycle… But how?

With this eBook, you’ll learn how to create an effective, comprehensive records and information management (RIM) program that will reduce your firm’s legal risk and exposure to non-compliance fines, while improving business processes and accessibility of information. Use it to:

  • Assess your law firm for a variety of risks relating to improper records management
  • Audit your current RIM program, including its maturity level
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive RIM program that incorporates feedback loops for continuous improvement

As custodians of your clients’ documents, as well as your own, it’s crucial for your firm to optimize its records and information management practices. Dive into our eBook for invaluable guidance—download now!