Every organization has its own set of rules when it comes to how they create, retain, manage, store, and dispose of their information. There are numerous laws and regulations that tell us how we should retain information and when it needs to be destroyed and that is why creating and maintaining retention schedules can be so complex.

With so many ways to approach retention at an organization and the strong need to show the importance and ROI to senior leaders, it can be invaluable to collaborate with other records, governance, and legal research experts to overcome challenges and implement positive changes.

During the second episode of this webinar series, information governance experts Brenda Barnhill and T’Don Marquis are joined by special guest Kathy Cifrino, Records and Information Governance Manager at United, to discuss the challenges and opportunities of creating a strong records and information governance program.

Join us to learn and discuss:

  • How to transition a departmental schedule to a functional schedule
  • Key Considerations – privacy, repository information​
  • Cost Analysis of Retention Schedule Updates – domestic and international considerations
  • The Kotter Approach- why it can be instrumental in records and information governance
  • How to engage the right partners and stakeholders to justify and implement the most beneficial records retention program