Featured Speaker:

Ken Davis – CEO, Access

Kurt Thies – VP, Product Evangelist, Access

Matt Hillery – CTO, Access

The pandemic has forever changed the landscape of the corporate working world. As we look to the future it will continue to evolve into various remote and hybrid forms. Today’s companies are adapting with new technology and finding new ways to collaborate and streamline processes and costs. Many companies are also amending or ending leases and selling real estate to shed space no longer used.  

Access’ Chief Technology Officer, Matt Hillery, and VP Product Evangelist, Kurt Thies, will be joined by special guest and Access CEO, Ken Davis, in this upcoming Out of the Box Live session where they will discuss: 
  • The future of corporate environments post pandemic 
  • Evolution of day-to-day work and how that may affect your RIM program 
  • Best practices in leading a fully remote or hybrid team 
  • How to navigate transitions in RIM and IG more proactively
On this episode of Out of the Box Live, we’ll discuss the impact the pandemic has had on the corporate world and what trends we see for the future. Join Kurt, Matt, and Ken to get your questions answered about how we can best navigate this new reality. 

Submit your questions prior to the show at [email protected]. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions during the show.