Playbook for Responding to Pandemic-Related Records: A Methodology for Analysis & Ingestion of New Record Types is the result of a collaboration of several industry professionals who were concerned about staying ahead of issues and specifically records, resulting from organizational responses to COVID-19 in either responding to market needs and their respective customers, or bringing employees back to work.

The Playbook presents a high-level plan for defining controls for the security, privacy, retention, and disposition of anticipated or existing pandemic-related records and broader data concerns.

While this Playbook was initially created to deal with records associated with the COVID-19, moving forward we hope that the process and controls developed can help organizations better evaluate how to incorporate new records of all types and their commensurate responses to the ever dynamic changes at most organizations.

The Playbook was initially released on October 26, 2020. In early 2021, the Research Group reconvened and updated the playbook to reflect 11 new Record Types that were not originally included in the first addition.