Managing records within Microsoft 365 can feel like… a lot. Microsoft Purview has plenty of useful features, but it still needs a robust source of retention and classification information. Don’t forget about trainable classifiers, metadata, or Syntex either! Throw in the need for deletion policies and you’ve got a lot of work on your plate.

In this webinar we share the lessons we’ve learned and success stories you can replicate for managing documents and records with Virgo and Purview in Microsoft 365 and Azure.

Watch the webinar recording to see Virgo and Purview in action with a demo, as well as learn:

  • Microsoft Information Governance and Records Management features and functions for M365 and beyond
  • Lessons learned from early adopters in highly regulated industries
  • How to use the technology to automate and simplify your adoption of an information governance framework
  • How to quickly test and evaluate Microsoft Purview for M365 integrated with your retention classifications
  • The importance of establishing a control framework which is governed through active policies into this environment

Meet the Speakers:

 Cynthia Alsup
VP of Software Sales, Access

Vivek Bhatt
CTO, Infotechtion