Susan Cisco, Ph.D., CRM, FAI – Information Governance Consultant


Featured Panelists:

Omero Banuelos, Esq. Senior Counsel, Access

John Frost Information Governance Advisor Lead, USAA

Patrick Butts, CEDS, IGP  Legal Operations & Information Governance Manager, Hilltop Securities

Managing the lifecycle of records with event-based retention periods poses a major challenge for information management and governance professionals because someone or some system must trigger the event before disposition can begin. It is not uncommon for 25-40% of the retention periods in a schedule to be event-based.

During this webinar, our moderator, Susan Cisco, and our panel of IG professionals discuss approaches to examining the event-based retention periods in a schedule and determining which can be simplified with a fixed period or other methods. Watch it now to learn best practices, examples of successful simplifications of event-based retention periods, and more!