ARMA Webinar: Building a RIM Program from Scratch Webinar Series 

Have you been tasked with establishing a records and information management (RIM) program and don’t know where to begin? This 5-part webinar series on Building a RIM Program from Scratch is tailored for those new to the RIM profession, this series will provide clear steps on everything from the initial planning stages through implementing compliance audits. After the 5-parts you will have a step-by-step guide to begin the process of implementing a RIM program in your organization. 

Week 4: DISPOSE: Archive vs. Destroy, Holds Revisited 


Key Takeaways: 

  • Learn about the Recordkeeping Principles® as they relate to disposition 
  • Preview how Policies & Procedures relate to disposition 
  • Discuss Laws, Regulations, Standards, and Best Practices relevant to disposition 
  • Creating a defensible, consistent process for disposition 
  • Definition of ‘disposition’ and everything it encompasses 
  • Revisit holds from Week 2, describe their complete lifecycle through disposition 
  • Compare Corporate vs. Government disposition models