Featured Speakers:

Omero Banuelos – Senior Counsel at Access

Brent Martindale – Director of Research Operations at Access

Privacy laws and regulations around the world are driving companies to rethink their approach to records management and privacy. In the fast-paced digital environment we live in today, organizations are collecting a wide variety of data and information. Sometimes when the data is collected, we don’t actively think about the regulations and guidelines that apply.

Join Access privacy experts, Brent Martindale and Omero Banuelos for a discussion on some of the top trends and hot-button issues in privacy law. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Biometric data: What is it and does your organization collect it? Understanding maximum retention periods and other retention considerations for biometric data
  • How long are you permitted to retain video surveillance footage?
  • Guidelines for the retention of recruiting and selection records of individuals not hired
  • Global best practices versus requirements