Featured Speakers:

John Isaza, Esq., FAI – VP IG Solutions at Access

Mike Kortan – VP Access Unify at Access

Randal Chaisson, Regional Records Manager at Orrick

In today’s hybrid and remote work environment, ready access to important paper documents and files has never been more critical.

Join us and our client, from law firm Orrick, to learn how Access Unify is answering that need. The new technology-enabled, flat-fee active file management service provides a targeted solution to a phased digital transformation approach. Its industry-leading turnaround times of <4 hours empower legal teams to access files on demand for higher efficiency, cost savings and productivity.

In this webinar, John Isaza, VP of IG Solutions at Access, Mike Kortan, VP of Access Unify at Access, and Randal Chaisson, Regional Records Manager at Orrick, will discuss:

  • How the solution supports building a digital-first environment with easy and secure access to active files
  • A first-hand account of Orrick law firm’s experience with the platform, including current usage details and future goals/plans
  • How transitioning onsite files to Access can save your firm real estate and leasing costs
  • How our process for digitizing, indexing, and delivering files speeds productivity
  • How to eliminate wasted cycles of filling out internal forms, looking through onsite storage rooms or finding records managers to access files