Lunchbox & Learn: Supercharge Information Governance Policy Management at Scale 

Featured Speakers: 

  • Cynthia Alsup, VP Solutions Specialists and Virgo, Access
  • Sue Gibbons, Solution Engineer, Access 

From CCPA to GDPR, the privacy and compliance world is evolving quickly. Learn how navigating these new laws can be integrated seamlessly into retention and privacy policies across your organization with Virgo, a cloud-based solution from Access.

Whether it’s managing the retention and governance of physical assets or digital records, consistent and enforceable retention policies paired with privacy governance are critical to increasing confidence levels that your organization is not at risk by keeping records beyond their retention dates.

At this Lunchbox & Learn, we’ll cover how information governance (IG) professionals can use Virgo to:
  • Reduce the risk and cost of their global information governance program
  • Increase the accuracy of retention schedules
  • Implement defensible information retention, privacy and security through automation.