Before the pandemic, many organizations were already making continuous improvements to the way they work, whether through their processes, tools, behaviors, or technology. Digital transformation was already a major part of these changes.

When the pandemic started, that transformation was forced to speed up. Companies had to adopt and adapt to new technology, find new ways to collaborate, streamline processes, and become more digital. Yet, if we look around our work-spaces now, either at home or in an office building, we still see a lot of paper. So, why is it such a challenge to go paperless and fully adopt digital transformation?

In this webinar, Access’ VP Product Evangelist, Kurt Thies, and special guest John Mancini, President of Content Results, LLC, and the Past President of AIIM, discuss: 

  • The difficulties we face to go paperless
  • Challenges in information management
  • Organizing your information once it’s digitized
  • Best practices in leading digital transformation at your company 

Watch it now to learn how to prioritize digital transformation and overcome the challenges you'll likely face in the process.