Employees have adapted quickly to hybrid and remote work, so why do paper records remain stuck in the office? This setup creates inefficiencies and compliance concerns.   


During this webinar, Kurt Thies, and special guest Jim Merrifield, share their thoughts on emerging trends in records management.  


Watch it to learn more about how to:  

  • Make your records management program support a hybrid or remote working environment.  
  • Reduce real estate costs associated with storing paper records.  
  • Ensure privacy, security, and compliance through effective records management processes.  


Today’s remote and hybrid work environment calls for a different type of records management program— something a little outside of the box!

Meet the Speakers:

Jim is a certified information governance professional who has published numerous publications, frequently speaks on information governance and data privacy issues, and has provided consulting services to law firms and Fortune 500 companies.  

Jim Merrifield
Director, Governance & Business Intake | Robinson+Cole

Kurt has 25 years of experience leading the digital transformation efforts for many businesses. His efforts include founding and building a leading information management software company servicing Fortune 500 and other enterprises around the globe.

— Kurt Thies
VP, Product Evangelist | Access