This week on Out of the Box Live

We are excited to be joined by our guest, Genaro Lopez, J.D., IGP, Information Governance Lead at Google.
Ever wonder what IG looks like for all-digital environments?
Genaro is no stranger to governing and managing information in digital organizations. In fact, he’s the driving force behind the development of the information governance (IG) program at Google, an all-digital organization. Previously, Genaro worked at Nike where he developed and launched the company’s first enterprise contract management (ECM) and IG programs in about a decade.
Genaro promotes IG throughout his organization by optimizing and understanding the relationship between the three key pillars of policy, product and people.

On this episode of Out of the Box Live, we plan to discuss how Genaro started these IG programs, what IG means to him and what makes his job interesting.

Join us to learn how to:
  • Start or grow an IG practice based on organizational needs
  • Set up repeatable processes
  • Build organizational IG structures and frameworks

As always, conversation will be interesting and informative. Submit your questions prior to the show at [email protected]. There will also be an opportunity to ask during the show.

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