Featured Speakers: 

  • Steve Neilly, VP of Consulting Solutions | Access
  • Kurt Thies, VP, Product Evangelist | Access
  • Ann Snyder, Manager of Content Development | ARMA International
  • Nick Inglis, Executive Director of Content & Programming| ARMA International

Is office centricity dead?

As the world begins to fully reopen for business, many of us are emerging with changed expectations both of where and how to do business going forward.

Working remotely out of necessity has opened our eyes to the constraints and costs of being tied to a physical workplace, paper-based processes, and active and legacy paper records.

It has also shown us the possibilities of being able to have an “office” essentially anywhere and forced us to consider downsizing our physical office space.

This rapid and sometimes haphazard shift from an office-centric environment to remote work has revived interest in once dormant digital transformation projects and underscores why digital transformation is essential to building a more responsive, flexible, and resilient business.

Watch as this panel discusses:

  • How digital transformation can make your business more efficient, responsive, flexible, and resilient
  • How to build a successful strategy for digital transformation
  • What to consider to ensure secure access, use, and management of digitized records
  • Why intelligent capture is an essential part of a successful digital transformation project
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