Building a Complete IG Program: What Are the Pieces of the Puzzle?


You know your information assets need governing for many reasons – operations, legal compliance, risk management – but you’re unsure of how the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

You might not even know what the pieces are.

Building a Complete IG Program: What Are the Pieces of the Puzzle?  shows you the bird’s eye view of building a sound Information Governance program and walks you through every step of the process.

Information Governance experts John Montaña and Steve Neilly will discuss the pieces and parts necessary to build a defensible and compliant program and how to assemble them in the correct order.

A sound and defensible program is no accident - it’s the result of a sustained and structured effort to achieve precise, defined outcomes. 

If you’re involved in any aspect of information governance, from operational management to legal compliance, this is one webcast you won't want to miss.

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John Montaña, J.D., FIIM, FAI

Vice President, Information Governance at Access


Steve Neilly, CRM

President, Consulting Services Montaña & Associates
An Access Company