Compliance is Cool: What You Need to Know About International HR Records

Human resources and its associated recordkeeping is a challenging environment under the best of circumstances. The regulatory aspect within the U.S. is daunting in and of itself. For a large company, there are as many as 50+ U.S. jurisdictions, each with its own rules, forms and other requirements. And even within the U.S., there’s a lot of inconsistency that creates issues and challenges. What your HR department has to do to keep California happy is quite different than what it has to do to keep Montana happy.

Step into the international arena, and this already-too-complex equation becomes vastly more difficult, for a great many reasons:

  • Legal requirements related to HR vary enormously throughout the world;
  • Employee rights, including privacy rights, likewise vary substantially. This affects every HR process, from onboarding to disciplinary actions to recordkeeping;
  • Retention and disposition of records must be done carefully and thoughtfully, to avoid problems and comply with privacy and data security requirements; and
  • IT systems must be thoughtfully configured to comply with data localization laws and the many conflicting retention and disposition requirements throughout the world. 

For HR managers accustomed to U.S. law and practice, all of this this may come as a surprise, and a significant challenge. An HR system that started life in the United States is rarely equipped to address these many challenges, and bringing both processes and systems into compliance may take significant time and effort.

This webinar will provide attendees with an overview of this complex, interesting and often puzzling arena, and provide useful tips and guidance on navigating the challenges that will inevitably be found there.

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John Montana, Access

John Montaña

VP of Information Governance
Montaña & Associates, Inc.

Shaun Stevens, Access

Shaun Stevens

National Account Manager