Today enterprises must take a proactive approach to modernize their RIM and information governance programs.

A good governance program should comprehensively address your organization’s legal obligations and business objectives for all your information, whether it’s data or documents; records or non-records; on a device or in the cloud.

In this webinar, long-time industry veteran and information governance (IG) expert Rich Medina (Principal Consultant, Doculabs) will present an eight-prong, best-in-class approach to enterprise IG.

Rich and Ian Robert Moran (VP of Business Development, Access) will also share practical steps you can take to modernize your program without having to completely overhaul your IG program.

Watch this webinar now & learn how you can improve your RIM / IG program in areas such as:

  • Innovation in technology
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Retention Scheduling and classification of information
  • Measurements and analytics
  • Communications and training