What’s New in HR Compliance: I-9 through Unemployment Claims

Employee lifecycle compliance is a constantly changing landscape, especially when managing I-9s and unemployment claims. We’re only 7 months into the current fiscal year and worksite enforcement investigations have doubled compared to 12 months last year. And 15% of unemployment claims filed are audited by the state with requests typically made via mail.

Join Matt Kaufer, VP of Employment Tax Services at Equifax and Gordon Middleton, Director of Regulatory Compliance at Equifax, as they:

  • Explore important State and Federal mandates that will affect your team’s onboarding and unemployment compliance workflow
  • Share crucial updates on how to protect your organization from ICE audits and Unemployment Claims penalties
  • Discuss legislative updates impacting Form I-9, state required new hire notifications, Unemployment Insurance integrity and wage audits
  • Look at the proper Unemployment documentation which should be supplied to state agencies

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