Information Governance Plans Stalling? 5 Things You Need for the "Secret Sauce"

According to AIIM research, the last five years have seen a shift in the importance organizations place upon effective Information Governance.

The good news is that 73% of organizations see Information Governance as “important” or “critical” to their business strategy.

Also (and this is a big point), they've reported an increasing connection between information governance and strategy.

Watch this on-demand webcast and learn five things you must have as part of your Governance plans and strategies.

  1. Build a successful cross-functional Governance team to drive change and sustain improvement
  2. Audit the info you have – you can’t manage what you don’t know you have
  3. Get rid of the ROT – it’s clogging you down 
  4. Set, run, and automate your Governance policies and procedures – plans are nothing until you execute them
  5. The "secret sauce" isn't complete without one last ingredient – plan for the overall lifecycle management of your information

Take the first step in taking charge of your Information Governance strategy by watching this webcast today.

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