The Myth of Time Management for HR: How to Make Time to Focus on People

We all live in a work world of constant interruption. People, meetings, email, Slack, personal issues and unplanned events all conspire to distract us at work. And if you are an HR professional, your internal customers, your employees, can send you in unexpected directions at any time.

But if you practice intentional HR, or HR on Purpose, these people “distractions” are your top priority! How can you welcome those “interruptions” from your company’s most important assets and encourage your team to do the same? What are some ways you can help remove work barriers for your HR team so they can focus on people?

Join lifelong HR evangelist, music aficionado, tie dye lover and the HR influencer who is most “geeked on HR,” Steve Browne, as he walks us through how HR professionals can focus on people through process improvement, using technology to unburden the team from less meaningful work, and on changing your mindset to embrace “interruptions” from your employees.

In this webinar you will learn:
  • How to re-orient your thinking about time management
  • How to welcome, and even encourage, interruptions from people as your top priority
  • How to get your team thinking about process improvements that can help them prioritize human interactions and reflection
  • Re-focus and reenergize your thinking about employee experience

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Steve Browne, VP of HR La Rosa's Inc

Steve Browne

VP of HR, La Rosa's, Inc.
Author of HR on Purpose !!

Mike Heron, Access

Mike Heron

Director, Learning & Development