Featured Speakers:

John Montaña, J.D., FIIM, FAI - VP Information Governance Solutions and Brenda Barnhill, JD, LL.M., Access

Privacy by Design is the new buzzword in privacy...

...but what does that mean? And what can it do for you? or, perhaps just as importantly, what can't it do for you?

Privacy by design is a concept being heavily promoted by regulatory bodies as a method of managing both processes and technology that deal with personal information. Ignoring this development as "just" a buzzword is out of the question as regulators see it as a vital path forward in managing both information processes and information technology.

This webinar will look at this increasingly important topic, including both its promise and its pitfalls.

Anyone advising on privacy matters needs to be aware of it and its implications, because it materially affects everything from policies and procedures to contracts to IT systems configuration.