Featured Speakers:

Brenda Barnhill, JD, LL.M. – Director & Consulting Specialist at Access

Steve Neilly, CRM – President, Consulting Services at Access

When it comes to managing information, privacy cannot exist in a vacuum. 

At its core, privacy compliance is concerned with the management and control of who should have access to what information when. The most effective way to do this requires the same tools used in a well-developed information governance program to be successful.

While the goal would be to integrate them smoothly and seamlessly, oftentimes you may encounter scenarios where things don’t add up and 1+1 = 3.

This live educational webcast will show you how to sort through these issues and solve for discrepancies between these two seemingly distinct but inherently linked verticals.

Topics include: 

  • How to leverage information governance as a tool to make sure you’re protecting the right data
  • Why the first step to privacy compliance needs to be identifying what data you’re protecting (and how IG can help)
  • What key steps to developing a holistic, comprehensive, and seamless program.