Removing Barriers to HR Success

HR teams face a barrage of challenges to reach an ideal level of performance and success. Many corporate leaders view HR as a transactional or administrative function without significant strategic contribution. Some even treat HR as a necessary evil. However, there are some HR departments, teams and professionals that find ways to change that perception.

Practitioners can easily explain how and why HR as a function and business discipline contributes to organizational success. The challenge in many organizations is not with HR’s potential. It’s with the way HR is viewed and how HR has to function when back-office administrative duties occupy a large portion of energy, time and resources.

How do some HR teams do it? How do they find that elusive “seat at the table?”

In this webcast, we will present the results of a new research study that will help you understand how HR Leaders perform and what earns them a strategic role in their organizations.

During this webcast we will present new research that will give you insight into:

  • The key HR strategic behaviors that can help shift internal perceptions that HR is much more than an administrative function and is in fact critical to a company’s success.
  • How HR can attain a more strategic role in the organization by first improving the efficiency of its everyday processes.
  • How employee learning and development, as a strategic initiative, can deliver the types of bottom line business benefits senior leaders need to see.
  • How to make a genuine business case for HR initiatives that will help senior leaders understand the strategic value of HR’s potential contribution.
Join Doug Hoffer and Dwight Griesman, two senior leaders from HR and Marketing at Access as they present this new research.

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