Featured Speaker:

Robert Bogue – Organizational Development Expert, Author & Speaker, and President at Thor Projects LLC

Rarely are an organization's records and information management and information governance needs seen as urgent or essential.

Too often, stakeholders are distracted by the problem of the moment while failing to realize that they can save time, money, and sleepless nights by getting better control and value from the information that they already have.

Learn how to change the game and get sponsors to come to you to remove friction, improve agility, and create opportunities for the organization.

During this June 15 webinar, organizational and change management expert Robert Bogue will offer practical advice on how to glean success by securing the stakeholder support you need for RIM/IG projects.

Join us for this free educational webinar to:

  • Explore how different stakeholders bring different value to initiatives - from legitimacy to urgency and ultimately to power.
  • Learn the language of leadership and speak to stakeholders in a way that captures their attention and secures their support.
  • Break through the barriers that block buy-in.
  • Identify and eliminate common fallacies that cause stakeholders to resist funding information governance and digitization initiatives.