Featured Speakers:

Brenda Barnhill, JD, LL.M. – Director & Consulting Specialist at Montaña & Associates, an Access Company

Robert Johnson, M.A., M.Ed. – Information Governance Legal Research Manager at Montaña & Associates, an Access Company

Steve Neilly, CRM – President, Consulting Services at Montaña & Associates, an Access Company

How long should you keep a record? It sounds like a simple question—but the answer rarely is.

Your decisions can always be challenged by a privacy regulator, meaning your retention schedule is more important than ever. 

Having a sound and defensible document retention policy is therefore a key aspect of compliance and it must be developed with privacy in mind.

During this webinar, information governance experts Steve Neilly, Brenda Barnhill & Robert Johnson of Montaña & Associates, an Access Company will look at this critical compliance issue and discuss how you tackle this complex problem and mitigate the risk of substantial penalties.

Join us for this free educational webcast where you’ll learn:

  • How to leverage Record Retention Schedules (RRS) in aiding Privacy Program development
  • Where RRS research should identify regulations that contain privacy requirements
  • Why Privacy Officers and Records Managers must work closely in privacy requirements analysis
  • Sourcing a trusted research partner to properly identify privacy requirements in all jurisdictions
  • When you should revisit your retention policy (and why bi-annually may no longer be enough)

This presentation originally aired live on May 12, 2020