It’s nearly impossible to be involved in information management without encountering data privacy in some capacity.

The core concept behind privacy as a legal and compliance matter is that virtually all information about a person is owned by that individual who, within some very broad limits, has a right to control how it’s used.

What that means for your information management program changes from organization to organization as privacy isn’t so much a one-off act as it is a philosophy.

This white paper, Data Privacy for the Information Professional, provides an overview of privacy compliance, its intersections with information governance, and everything in between.

Table of contents:

  • What you need to know about data privacy compliance
  • Data privacy principles you should know
  • How to tackle the data privacy challenge
  • Privacy by design and what that means for your organization
  • How to deal with exceptions to rules
  • How fewer records end up leading to yet more records
  • Examining the problem of provability
  • Establishing a “reasonable” retention period