Secrets of being a Strategic HR department

How high performing HR departments operate to earn that elusive “seat at the table”

Whitepaper: What's Hindering HR Success in 2019?

HR teams are increasingly being asked to deliver greater value without growing the team. Essentially be more strategic while juggling an increasing number of administrative and compliance requirements with the same headcount.

How are they faring in these endeavors?

We conducted research to see what HR professionals really thought about how strategic their department was in 2019 as well as their goals and plans in 2020 and beyond.

Your peers have reported:

  • Spending at least 41% of their time on back-office duties
  • 63% said a lack of an automation tool hindered them. 

Download the full whitepaper today and roadmap to improvement in 9 steps and offers insights on:

  • What HR departments feel is holding them back
  • Where efficiency suffers the most (and how to solve that issue)
  • The true impact back-office-burdens have on adding more value to the organization
  • The secret to becoming a high efficiency HR team

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