Your retention schedule is your first line of defense.

Use this software and its robust set of rules to complete a thorough audit of your information. Develop a retention policy document that can then be exported and saved at the end of your 90 days of use.

At any time, you can also request a free 1-hour call with an information governance (IG) expert who can help create the next steps in your roadmap to simple, provable privacy compliance

Simplify compliance with an updated and accurate inventory.

The Virgo Retention Starter Kit is an easy to use, out-of-the-box retention and policy management solution that can accelerate compliance and improve information privacy and security for your organization.

Use the Virgo Retention & Privacy Manager for 90 days at no cost to:

Access and customize a best practice retention schedule for your organization, including retention recommendations

See the US Federal laws and regulations that affect your policies, plus California regulations that impact retention including the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
Identify key applications and document repositories using our pre-populated template
Export your retention schedule and supporting information to an excel spreadsheet or report

Inventory your important and private information starting with over 400 ready-to-go content types

Get the work that matters done

See how information management professionals use Virgo to save countless hours researching